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We discover our best as a team member and leader when we invest time and energy in thinking meaningfully about ourselves and the impact we have on the people and world around us. A coach can help you do this most effectively — and that’s where I come in.
Below you will learn about me and the services I offer to individuals and companies.



TEAM EFFECTIVENESS RETREATS: For newly formed teams and teams with recently added members who want to operate effectively. Build rapport with colleagues and gain clarity on team goals and strategy. Identify areas for improvement as individuals and teams.

FEEDBACK SESSIONS: For teams who desire to inculcate a culture of constant feedback in environments where feedback has not been the cultural norm. Create a community of empathetic feedback seekers and feedback providers, leading to higher amounts of trust and commitment in the team.


(3-6 HOURS)

(2-3 HOURS)

(2-3 HOURS)

(2-6 HOURS)

(2-5 HOURS)

1:1 Development Coaching

CUSTOMIZED DEVELOPMENT: Focused on developing clients' emotional intelligence and character traits to enable them to be effective in their personal and professional lives. (Hourly Session)

GOAL SETTING WITH SELF-GUIDED FEEDBACK: Identify annual personal and professional goals to develop accountability processes and a feedback system to ensure progress over the course of the year. (Biannually or Annually)

CAREER COACHING: For those who have no idea where they want to go next and those who have the exact idea of what they want to do but no idea how to get there. Includes career exploration exercises and conversations, resume and cover letter feedback, and interview preparation using a unique approach to stand out from other applicants.


"When I first worked with Bailey Lenzen for both professional coaching and personal branding, I was just an unfocused student, with no real sense of career direction. But, even now, years later, I still refer to the work she helped me put together, when she guided me to look inwards in a meaningful way, probably for the first time. Bailey is not only an expert in the tools and readings that it takes to guide you through that process, but is an expert at diving into the human condition. She is the only guide you need in an increasingly loud professional landscape."
Marketing Campaign Mgr at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
"Bailey helped me take a team with very different personalities who had gotten off to a rough start together find their footing as a unit. She showed us how to appreciate our differences, get to know each other better, and engage in more productive meetings and conversations. We have far more trust in each other now, hold each other to a higher standard, and are less afraid of conflict. I hope we can continue to progress in this work on our own and with Bailey as needed."​
Executive Director, Texas A&M
"Bailey empowered me to articulate and pursue my specific career goals. I’ve created clear, actionable steps aligned to fulfilling work by identifying my underlying strengths and values, performing self reflections, and reconciling my current role and responsibilities with my career goals. I am now confident I have the tools to proactively create, develop, and align career goals that further my professional growth."
Compliance Professional at Stripe
"When Bailey met with my FOCUS team to provide consultation on our team dysfunction, I was hesitant as to how the rest of my team would receive her expertise. Bailey came completely prepared to enter into the mess with an approachability that won over my entire team within minutes. Her guidance, questions, and facilitation created a clear path for the "what next" when preparing for team functionality. The input and personalized exercises and homework she gave to our team helped provide a bridge into considering team dynamics and how to work with others. Bailey is persistent and diligent in her understanding of what makes up the whole person. Anyone would be lucky to be understood, challenged, and encouraged by her."
FOCUS Team Member
"Spending multiple sessions with Bailey helped me focus more seriously on my goals and my career. Bailey was great at getting me thinking about my future and providing concrete steps and resources in order for me to build a plan for myself. The most helpful aspect to me was our last session when she really coached me through what a conversation with my company about a promotion could look like, and I really appreciate the confidence she gave me to help me stand up for myself and my career."
Marketing Manager
“I engaged Bailey to speak to very specific demographic, college seniors, on ‘Hopes and Dreams.’ I was blown away by the amount of work she put into her presentation and how tailored it was to her audience. My students were very engaged, and many have reached out to Bailey for 1-on-1 mentoring. I hope to bring her back every year.”
Ministry Director
"Bailey helped my team and me grow closer to one another throughout our team building process, ultimately, helping us to work better together and increase productivity. Bailey really challenged us with activities and assignments; the process wasn’t an easy one, but it was completely worth it. Bailey also helped me set personal and professional goals. She listened to what I was seeking and helped me better define what I want and create a doable outline/timeline. I am so grateful for Bailey and her outstanding work!"
Program Coordinator, Texas A&M
"In a series of one-on-one career coaching sessions, Bailey did a fantastic job of blending pre-session reading and reflection exercises with conversations that targeted the root of my career development goals. Bailey is an active listener who eats, sleeps, and breathes career and personal development, so she has a huge store of knowledge handy in order to recommend books, authors, and reflection activities that address personal and organization growth. I would highly recommend Bailey to anyone who is experiencing frustrations or uncertainty in their career or professional path."
Asst. Director, University of Notre Dame

Need-to-Know: My Background

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner
  • Hudson Certified Internal Coach, Texas A&M University
  • Taught Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in Team and Leadership Development and Career Exploration at Texas A&M’s Mays Business School 
  • Facilitate workshops for small businesses, higher education institutions, nonprofits, and college students
  • Texas A&M Business Undergraduate Degree
  • University of Texas at Austin Master’s Degree
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